Jurupa Hills FAQ's

We will have any FAQ here that is relevant to the Association and owners and residents. If there is a question that you don't see answered here, please email Lighthouse Property Management to either answer it, add it to this site, or both!

Approved Paint Colors
Approved Landscaping Plants
Maintenance Responsibilities

Approved Paint Colors

The approved paint colors are all Dunn-Edwards paints. The paint colors for Jurupa Hills are as follows -

Saguara Acribond flat #sp2610. To be used for the trim.
Sahara Acribond flat #513. To be used for siding.
White Sand flat #sp115-1. To be used for stucco.
Saguaro Permasheen #sp2610. To be used for doors.



Maintenance Responsibilities

The following list clarifies some of the maintenance responsibilities.  The list is not all inclusive, but does contain the most commonly requested maintenance repairs.
The Association is responsible for:

  • All common area facilities and ground, except where damage to common property is caused by a homeowner or their guests.
  • Roof repairs.
  • Exterior painting, not including external patio covers and security screen doors.
  • Driveways and sidewalks.
  • Security lighting.
  • Pool.
  • Landscaping, irrigation and tree trimming in common area.

The Homeowner is responsible for:

  • Heating and air conditioning equipment.
  • All electrical, gas, water, cable/satellite cables, sewer lines directly connected to the dwelling.
  • Garage doors maintenance, including springs and hardware, with the exception of external painting.
  • Clean up of any spilled oils, grease, or paint in common area driveways, carports and reserved parking spaces.
  • Maintenance of any homeowner added improvement, (i.e. screen doors, patio covers, roof vents, security bars, etc.).*
  • Any deductible on insurance claims repairs (currently $3,000.00).
  • All external patio fencing and including (party wall fencing) between neighbors.*
  • All internal unit repairs.
  • All plant materials inside private patio areas.
  • Termite, ant, roach, wasps, or other pest problems.
  • All window, screen, and door replacements.*
  • Painting of exterior patio covers, doors, security screens, etc.*

*Architectural Request Form may be required when making changes to exterior repairs or replacements.  Contact Lighthouse Property Management or the Board of Directors for the appropriate form. 


Your JHCCV Board would like to alert and caution all residents against using licensed or non-licensed contractors, non-contracted businesses or handymen when conducting exterior or interior home repairs.  The repairs will be at the homeowner’s risk…SO BEWARE.  The JHCCV Association does not endorse any person or persons conducing repairs that are not the responsibility of the Association as set forth within the CC&R’s.
The JHCCV Board suggests before hiring any contractor/handyman to follow a few basic steps and questions:

  •  Will the repair or change require an Architectural Request approval by the JHCCV Board?  If you are not sure contact Lighthouse Property Management (909) 747-0258 or ask a board member.   Also consult your CC&R’s for guidance.  If you need an Architectural Request form you can obtain one from the property manager, board member or security guards.
  • Some items that require the JHCCV Board approval are; placement of satellite dishes, window replacement, front entry door replacement, landscaping changes, patio awnings, fences, all structural changes, etc.  Again, if you are not sure ask Lighthouse Property Management or a board member.
  • Ask for the contractor’s license number and call the California State Licensing Board at 800-321-2752 for their rating.  You can also check out the contractor online at the State’s website:  www.cslb.ca.gov
  • If a problem should arise it will be your responsibility to resolve it with the business or individual you hire.  If a resolve cannot be met you can report the situation to the California State Licensing Board.